Kitabu Corner Reading Program

Kitabu Corner

The Kitabu Corner Reading Program started in 2013 as a summer reading challenge with the personal financial support of members of the 100 Black Men of Syracuse and a gift from an anonymous donor. Today, the program seeks to improve reading and writing skills, develop a comfort for public speaking and instill a greater level of confidence in each participating student. Students, who range in age from 8 to 18 years old, read two books per month that are selected from the African Diaspora. Sessions are held on alternating Saturdays.

The books feature fiction or non-fiction topics that frequently provide teachable moments. Once a book is read, the student writes a report using an outline provided by the 100 Black Men of Syracuse. The student also presents an oral report for each book in front of the reading group; then answers questions from his or her peers as well as members of the 100, parents and other adult volunteers. A financial incentive is provided once the student has satisfactory completed the program’s reading and reporting requirements.

The number of students participating in the Kitabu Corner Reading Program is dependent on the availability of funding. Consider sponsorship or become a volunteer. Call us at (315) 443-8749 or email us at